Primary Care

Working with a Naturopathic Doctor is a highly effective course of action when looking to improve your quality of life and health or while going through a serious or chronic illness. Dr. Sarah Kemmouche is a thoroughly trained and licensed Naturopathic Doctor with clinics and patients from all corners of the world. She has decades of experience in holistic and naturopathic medicine to treat health concerns in people of all ages, no matter the severity. Whether what ails you arises in your head, heart, or stomach, Dr. Kemmouche can guide you through every step towards your naturalistic path to healing.

What Type of Patients Benefit from Naturopathic Care?

There are several types of patients who can benefit from this field of medicine. Are you looking to be proactive in preventing diseases or are eager to learn effective health promotion strategies? Are you dealing with symptoms which you cannot address alone or with other medical practitioners who weren’t a good fit? Some patients may be diagnosed with an illness and are researching alternative treatment options. Others may seek to combine conventional medicine with naturopathic treatments to minimize the side effects of prescription drugs or with assisting with a more rapid recovery from medical procedures like surgery.

Why Choose a Naturopathic Physician?

Naturopathic Doctors offer customized treatment plans for patients to follow. They make an effort to get to know you and your needs and choose one or a combination of healing methods which are appropriate to the patient (such as Clinical Nutrition; Botanics, Homeopathy, Physical Therapy; and Prevention and Lifestyle Counselling).

Clinical Nutrition Analysis examines the individual’s relationship between daily lifestyle and dietary choices and their health outcomes. Dr. Kemmouche would then recommend special diets by eliminating certain foods and encouraging suitable eating habits while possibly prescribing nutritional supplements if needed. These recommendations depend on each patient’s unique lifestyle and overall health condition.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine is actually the root of modern day Pharmacology in nearly every civilization. Homeopathic remedies involve concentrations of extracts from plants, animals, and minerals which promote important bodily functions and works to strengthen the natural ability for your body to heal. Plant-based teas, tinctures, or capsules that contain medicinal and healing properties as well as nutritional value may be recommended and prescribed.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy that Dr. Kemmouche recommends may involve soft tissue work, like therapeutic massage, naturopathic manipulation of muscles and spine, or the hydrotherapy technique. Other methods include gentle electric impulses, ultrasounds, diathermy, and exercise therapy.

Naturopathic doctors evaluate all aspects of your everyday life. Their prevention and lifestyle counselling techniques can also help identify and address the impact of stress and difficult life events on your overall health. With their assistance, you can make positive changes to your lifestyle choices.