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How Does Stress Affect Your Health?

Stress affects each of us on some level almost every day of the year. It can change our mood, our physical and emotional health, and stop us from living a full life. Living with stress creates risks for your health, but luckily, it is a factor that is manageable for almost all chronic illnesses.

When you’re holding onto this stress, it helps if you have someone to talk to who you know is actively listening. There is nothing wrong with you if you believe counselling is the right path for you. Stress is a natural feeling that starts by affecting us internally, then reveals itself physically in your appearance, strength, and motivation.

Mental, emotional, and physical health are all connected. Each one plays a role in how another aspect of your life is affected. It may not always be easy to see what the root cause of the stressors are by ourselves, so it’s the job of a trained Naturopathic Doctor to see that connection to get you back on track. Dr. Kemmouche understands the difficulty of living with pain. She can assist you in changing how you think and feel about your health condition or dis-ease to help improve your health significantly. Your physical health often impacts your mental well-being.

If your physical health is lacking, it can affect how you treat and maintain your body. Your digestive system is like a secondary brain, which can be filled with unhealthy bacteria because of an unbalanced diet. Eat foods you’re sensitive to and your mood goes sour. Avoid exercise and don’t get enough sleep, and your mood suffers. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kemmouche supports, guides, and motivates you to change the habits which you thought were impossible to correct.

How Your Thoughts, Emotions and Moods Help Guide Your Healing Solution

In addition to physical healing, Naturopathic Doctors rely on the accurate reporting of patients’ thoughts, emotions, and moods as part of the treatment protocol to come up with more suitable solutions to your healing. These doctors are armed with the right combination of tools to help you manage stress on a mental, emotional, and physical level. No matter what level of stress you’re experiencing, you can trust and rely on Dr. Kemmouche to listen to your needs and find the best way to help you heal from start to finish.

How to Better Respond to the Stresses of Life

Chronic stress depletes the body of vitamins and minerals, and Dr. Kemmouche replaces them through methods of diet, supplementation, or intravenous therapy. Her counselling training helps her identify patterns and lifestyle factors that contribute to your ailments. With proper counselling, and recommendations of physical and herbal medicine, you can train your body to respond better to the stresses of life.