Detox Programs

Think about all the years of toxins you may have put into your body: unhealthy food, lack of exercise, insufficient amount of sleep, and the list goes on. Because of this buildup over time, there is no quick or painless solution to remove those toxins in order to regain a healthier body.

Detoxification Kits and Why They Don't Work

Some believe that a detoxification kit that contains supplement pills and a fibre powder is all that is required to cleanse your body and return it to its natural state. There are some benefits to these types of kits. Unfortunately, they lack the proper foundation for organ support and food eliminations to create a well-balanced lifestyle. Therefore, the results that the kit promises does not do the job completely.

Juicing or Soups for Detoxification

Another belief is that juicing or consuming cabbage soup for weeks or doing extreme diets supplemented with various protein shakes will cleanse all the desired toxins. More often than not, this form of detox does result in rapid weight loss, only to find that you’ve gained it all back in the long run. A restricted diet that is unmonitored by someone with extensive medical and nutritional knowledge can cause a release in toxins which is so fast that it can have adverse effect on the body, making it sick.

Benefits of Choosing a Naturopathic Doctor for your Detoxification Program

If you are unsure what supplements are right for you and your body, it is best to consult with a health professional like a Naturopathic Doctor or a Holistic Nutritionist. This will help you gain a safe, effective, and thorough detoxification plan which is catered based on a complete individual evaluation.

Each body is unique in its needs and each person is unique in their lifestyle. That is why Dr. Kemmouche prefers a whole-body approach to determine the type of protocol and/or length of time required for your personalized detoxification. She analyzes your lifestyle and offers the best practices and techniques that you can use to improve your well-being. Working closely with a Naturopathic Doctor throughout the detoxification period entails completing a full physical examination and touching base weekly for monitoring and support. With the accurate information gathered, Dr. Kemmouche can develop non-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and hypoallergenic diets programs, as well as supplementation recommendations that apply to each unique patient.

The detoxification programs recommended by Dr. Kemmouche rids the body of the old cells and toxins, as well as prepares it for the generating new ones. These detoxification programs can effectively rid or reduce the pain of illness, injury, excess weight, and most addictions. As a result, a healthier and more positive habit and mood is noticed, which opens the door of opportunity for newfound health and a permanent lifestyle change in which patients are their best, healthiest self.